Have your own 401(k) Plan without being on your own. Extremely low overhead. Everything is done for you. Let TACDC provide and maintain the plan documents, Summary Plan descriptions, and all the other necessary forms. Let TACDC do all the government filings. TACDC’s Third Party Administrator (TPA) will do all the testing for you, all for one low annual fee of $650.

Lincoln Financial Group, the investment company, offers a wide range of investments to suit all categories of retirement savers.  Employers have the ability to make DIRECT DEPOSIT of employee contributions, saving you time and money, while ensuring accuracy. Your funds will earn dividends more quickly. An experienced financial advisor is available every day by phone or email to help participants with their financial planning and investment decisions.

TACDC MUlti-employer retirement plan


The TACDC-sponsored 401(k) retirement program is open to any TACDC member organization.  With our recent improvements, it is even easier and more affordable for you to participate.  We give your organization the opportunity to provide 401(k) benefits to your employees at a fraction of the cost of administering your own plan independently.



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