Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are sometimes known as Neighborhood Development Corporations, Community Based Organizations, or Community Housing Development Organizations. CDCs vary in size, organizational structure, and in primary mission. However, most CDCs have a few distinguishing characteristics. A community development corporation (CDC) is a community organization, which is community based and whose mission is to serve low-income families and neighborhoods. Its board of directors is representative of the communities it serves, with community residents and stakeholders serving as board members.

A CDC develops real estate for housing and commercial properties which will help meet its community development mission, offers economic development services such as business loans to small businesses in low-income geographies, and/or operates other programs and services which help develop and improve the quality of life of the communities it serves. Much of CDC's strength and effectiveness comes from its community-based focus. Community-based CDCs can tailor projects and programs to its community's specific needs and situation. A CDC can help a community take a proactive role in its economic, political and social development. It is a vehicle through which the community can provide direct involvement and input into present and future community efforts.


TACDC provides a broad range of programs and services to help our members do their work more effectively. These include services, research and advocacy, as well as events that provide training and allow networking opportunities.

Company Overview

The Texas Association of Community Development Corporations (TACDC) is a non-profit statewide membership association of CDC's and related non-profit, government and for-profit entities.

mission & vision

TACDC improves the lives of low and moderate income Texans by strengthening the capacity of community development organizations as well as generating resources and relationships that enhance and sustain the community development industry in Texas.

What is a cdc?


TACDC is a trade association, created through the cooperative efforts of its members. A number of years ago, CDCs saw the need to band together to more effectively push for the interests of the communities they serve. They also sought to create a source of training, research, and services for practitioners in the community development field. TACDC has over 150 members spanning the state and reflecting Texas' diversity and geography. Our membership is engaged in producing affordable housing and community economic development. TACDC promotes a supportive environment at the local, state and federal levels on behalf of those that create and preserve homes, jobs, small businesses and other community assets.