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Program Overview

The Lone Star program is TACDC's effort to provide college and graduate students the opportunity to gain work experience in the community economic development field and to be exposed to the issues Texas is facing in affordable housing, economic development, and neighborhood revitalization.  Students participating in Lone Star are hired for an 8-12 week part-time paid internship with a Community Development Corporation (CDC) in Texas.  TACDC provides a reimbursement of 50% of the student's stipend, up to $1,800 per semester in the spring or fall and up to $2400 for summer.  The other half of the stipend is provided by the CDC hiring the Lone Star Intern.  Each intern will have a sponsor/mentor and will be required to complete a brief report detailing the outputs and outcomes of the project during the internship. 

Lone Star was created in 2000 to offer our network of CDCs the ability to:

*  Provide additional staffing possibilities with student interns training in community development

*  Create a pool of qualified candidates with experience in the CDC field for Texas CDC positions

*  Offer "hands-on" training to a potential future employee of a CDC

*  Establish relationships with universities and colleges for recruiting, research and other collaborations


TACDC recognizes that in order for organizations to increase their capacity, they must be able to recruit qualified professionals who truly are dedicated to improving their communities.  The students participating as Lone Star intern candidates have this kind of personal commitment to community economic development.  For the 2017 program, TACDC will provide a partial stipend to eligible CDCs in Texas to recruit and hire part-time interns.  Details of the program include:

*  TACDC will reimburse the CDC half of the intern’s stipend up to $2,400 for undergraduates and $3,600        for graduate students during the summer semester, and up to $1800 for the fall or spring.

*  Once approved, CDCs can hire interns from any local college or university.

*  Interns can have any area of study as their major*.

*  Undergraduate interns must have completed at least 60 hours of study or be classified as a junior (third       year of study) or senior (4th year of study).

*  Applications are accepted on a rolling time frame and Loan Star Internships are available until all slots are     filled.

*  TACDC anticipates filling 3 - 5 intern positions during the summer 2017 semester.

Application forms for TACDC members seeking a student intern are available on our web site www.tacdc.org.  We ask that CDCs participating in Lone Star create an 8-12 week scope of work that will grant students the opportunity to offer a meaningful contribution to the organization.  TACDC will approve applications for internships on the strength of the proposed work product and scope of work.

In the past, undergraduate interns were recruited from fields of study ranging from business administration to political science and must have completed at least 60 credit hours to be eligible for the program.  Graduate students were recruited from city and regional planning programs, MBA programs, public policy, and public administration schools from across the state.