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If you are trying to renew and you do not remember your member login, please email Robyn Murphy for assistance,

Membership in TACDC brings with it many benefits, access to services, and connection to an extensive network of community development professionals in Texas.  Our goal is to provide our members with valuable business and networking resources and information by creating an open forum where TACDC's board, it's members, and outside parties can communicate effectively for mutual benefit. If you would like to become a member of TACDC, please download our Membership Brochure and complete the membership application. Please contact Robyn Murphy for any questions or assistance.  


TACDC will be moving toward a consolidated once a year billing beginning January 2022.  If you are billed in the 2nd quarter, we will prorate your dues to 3/4 of the normal rate.  If you are billed in the 3rd quarter, we will prorate to 50%.  If you are billed in the 4th quarter, we will not bill you in 2021, but will shift your dues to January 2022




1. Opportunity to build relationships with local, state, and national stakeholders at networking events such as state-wide conferences, trainings, and regional meetings

2. Privileged access to TACDC partners such as financial institutions, non-profits, intermediary entities, and government agencies

3. Be the first to know news/information critical to your organization’s success, as well as industry research published by TACDC.

4. An invitation to all TACDC networking events

5. Direct contact with leaders in Community Development, Affordable Housing, and Economic Development in Texas and other states.

6. Subscription to our e-newsletter with legislative and industry news, as well as listings of upcoming grants, events, and trainings.


We are dedicated to educating policymakers on how their decision affect Community Development and your community organization. We ensure our members’ voices are heard at the local, state, and federal level.​


1. Ability to offer your employees retirement stability through TACDC’s 401K Program

2. Ability to grow your organization through the Catalyst Capacity Building Program trainings that bring noteworthy instructors to you

3. Opportunity to access the funding and services of  Texas Community Capital


4. Opportunity to develop your staff capacity through the Texas CED Lone Star Internship Program that will provide 50% reimbursement of the intern's stipend.