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Economic Impact Studies

Has your organization ever considered the true economic impact it has on the local and regional economy?  Have you ever considered how many jobs your organization creates and supports every time you build a multifamily or single family development?  How much earnings go back into the economy from the labor you hire or the total economic output for every dollar you invest in your community?  


TACDC can now help you answer these questions so you can make a more compelling case for support from your funders, help overcome NIMBYism for your new development, and help paint a more complete picture of your organization's impact in the economy.   


TACDC can conduct an economic impact analysis using RIMSII data purchased from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis for a region you specify.  You can select an area as small as one county to highlight your work and impact on your local economy.  


TACDC will estimate the impact on the region's economy from an initial investment in your community and will produce a report that includes estimates of the following:

  • Total economic output (multiplier effect) for the region  

  • Total economic output for highest impacted sectors of the economy  

  • Total earnings created 

  • Total jobs created or sustained

For more information, please contact Matt Hull at

To download a Sample Report, click here

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