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TACDC Advocacy Program

TACDC’s Advocacy Program centers on sound public policy and workable solutions to the problems facing Texas communities. In that sense, the program mirrors its Board of Directors, the Community Development Roundtable, and the association membership who are community-based and mission-driven to improve existing conditions in the neighborhoods in which they live.

Using a list of membership ranked-and-approved Policy Priorities, the Advocacy Program weaves TACDC concerns into the public arena by developing relationships with federal, state, and local policymakers; building coalitions between other advocacy, public-interest, and grassroots organizations; working with local or regional CED associations; advocating sound management of the state’s housing and

economic development agencies; developing and maintaining relationships with all news mediums; using TACDC-initiated research to bolster policy claims, and initiating and participating in policy campaigns at federal and state levels.

The Advocacy Program accomplishes its duties by presenting accurate and timely information contained in reasonable policy platforms that are presented through an annual Community Development Conference; an annual Policy Summit; direct encouragement of sound public policy, and attending and participating in legislative meetings, agency hearings, and a variety of community development conferences.

To help accomplish its tasks at the National level, the Advocacy Program actively communicates with, monitors and participates in the actions of TACDC’s nationally-affiliated advocacy groups such as NACEDA, NCRC and NLIHC,  as well as monitoring the federal website Thomas and the Congressional Daily Record to keep abreast of events in Washington, DC. Additionally, TACDC takes part in NACEDA’s annual Congressional Lobbying event where the Policy Priorities are presented directly to the Texas Congressional Delegation.


At the State level, TACDC’s Advocacy Program maintains excellent relationships with key members of the Texas Legislature and utilizes its general familiarity and knowledge of Legislative inner circles to expand the awareness of TACDC issues.

The Advocacy Program is constantly working towards fluidity and smoothness in an all-encompassing plan that utilizes all available technologies to present a seamless advocacy presentation of TACDC policy priorities through a variety of mediums to federal, state, and local entities.

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